Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Suppurative Thrombophlebitis — A Lethal Iatrogenic Disease. Superficial Thrombophlebitis: Background, Pathophysiology, Etiology 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis

2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis

May 18, Author: Many cases present as benign, localized venous cords that resolve completely with minimal intervention. Some 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis present as severe systemic infections culminating in profound shock that is refractory to aggressive management, including operative intervention and intensive care.

See Presentation and Prognosis. A number of distinct clinical conditions have been identified, depending on the vessel involved, but all thrombophlebitides involve the same basic pathophysiology. Thrombosis and infection within a vein can occur throughout the body and can involve superficial or deep vessels. Notable examples are thrombophlebitis in the following see Etiology:.

The approach to treatment of septic phlebitis depends on which structures 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis involved, the underlying etiology of the phlebitis, the causative organisms, and the patient's underlying physiology.

See Treatment and Medication. Peripheral septic thrombophlebitis is a common problem that can develop spontaneously but more often is associated with breaks in the skin. Though most commonly caused by indwelling catheters, septic thrombophlebitis may also result from simple procedures such as venipuncture for phlebotomy and intravenous injection.

While infection must always be considered, catheter-related phlebitis 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis result from sterile chemical or mechanical irritation.

Septic phlebitis of a superficial vein 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis frank purulence is known as simple phlebitis. Simple phlebitis is often benign, but when it is progressive, it can cause serious complications, and even death.

Suppurative superficial thrombophlebitis is a more serious condition that can lead to sepsis and 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis, even with appropriate aggressive intervention. Septic phlebitis of the deep venous system is a rare, but life-threatening, emergency that may fail to respond to even the most aggressive therapy. Any vessel can theoretically be involved, but the more common entities are detailed below. Septic thrombophlebitis of the IVC or SVC is primarily the result of central venous catheter placement, with increased incidence in burn patients and those receiving total parenteral nutrition.

The mortality rate of these infections is high, but cases of successful 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis have been reported.

Lemierre syndrome is a suppurative thrombophlebitis of the internal jugular vein caused by oropharyngeal infections such as tonsillitis and dental infections. Spread of the infection into the parapharyngeal space that houses the carotid sheath leads to local inflammation and thrombosis of the jugular 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis. Lemierre syndrome is easily missed source is more common than is generally appreciated.

Less commonly, septic emboli may traverse a patent foramen ovale and cause distant metastatic infections such as septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, and hepatic 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis. Septic pelvic thrombophlebitis and ovarian vein thrombophlebitis please click for source seen principally as a complication of puerperal uterine infections, such as endometritis 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis septic abortion.

In abdominal infections, such as appendicitis and diverticulitis, infection may spread to cause neighboring septic phlebitides. Thrombophlebitis of the intracranial venous sinuses is a particularly serious problem and https://dedenbacheifel.de/diagnose-thrombophlebitis-was-zu-tun.php involve the cavernous sinus, the lateral sinus, or the superior sagittal sinus.

Cavernous sinus thrombophlebitis is caused by infection of 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis medial third of the face known as the "danger zone," ethmoid and sphenoid sinusitis, and, occasionally, oral infections. Mastoiditis and otitis media are rarely associated with septic phlebitis this web page the lateral sinuses, while thrombophlebitis of the superior sagittal sinus is the rarest and is primarily associated with meningitis.

More than a third of cases of intracranial septic thrombophlebitis are fatal. For patient education information, see Phlebitis. Placement of an intravascular catheter is the main causative factor in the development of phlebitis and septic thrombophlebitis. Infection can be introduced during the placement of the catheter or bacteria can colonize first the hub and then the lumen of 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis catheter before they gain access to the intravascular space.

Causative organisms are diverse and include skin and subcutaneous tissue pathogens, enteric 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis, and flora causing infection in the genitourinary tract. The most common infective organism is Staphylococcus aureus, but coagulase-negative staphylococci, enteric gram-negative bacilli, and enterococci are also frequently implicated.

These infections are often polymicrobial. Septic pelvic and ovarian vein thrombophlebitides are often puerperal and typically occur within 3 weeks of delivery. Damage to the intima of pelvic ileofemoral vessels during vaginal or cesarean delivery is thought to contribute to the process of thrombosis. Hypercoagulability secondary to pregnancy, as well as the venous stasis common in the peripartum state, also contribute. It may also be caused by other intra-abdominal infections drained by or contiguous with the portal vein.

Bacteroides fragilis is the most common pathogen, but other bacteria, such as Escherichia coliKlebsiella 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis, and other Bacteroides species, are also found.

There has been a case report in which an IVC filter was found 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis be the nidus of a septic phlebitis.

Candida albicans is the most common fungal pathogen, but cases have also been attributed to Candida glabrata. Like abdominal and pelvic thrombophlebitis, Lemierre syndrome is characterized 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis the migration of bacteria through the deep tissues. In this infection, pathogens translocate through the pharynx or are drained from the pharynx into the lateral pharyngeal space, where 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis come near to the internal jugular vein.

Inflammation, thrombosis, and infection may then ensue. The predisposing infections that ultimately result in septic thrombosis of the dural venous sinuses are closely related to the venous anatomy of the face and head. 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis of the medial third of the face, involving the nose, periorbital regions, tonsils, and 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis palate, have long been recognized risk factors, since these areas drain directly into the cavernous sinus via the facial veins, pterygoid plexus, and ophthalmic veins.

2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis of the sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses have been implicated, with bacteria spreading directly through the lateral wall or via emissary veins.

While extremely rare, septic thrombophlebitis of the superior sagittal sinus is caused by bacterial meningitis, but frontal, ethmoid, and maxillary sinus infections and spread from infections in the lateral dural sinus have also been reported.

The microbiology of intracranial vascular infections depends in large part on the causative infective site. More info aureus is by far the most common organism seen in cavernous sinus thrombosis and is responsible for all visit web page thromboses resulting from facial and sphenoid sinusitis.

Streptococci, anaerobes, and occasionally fungi are also seen in cavernous sinus thrombosis. Organisms responsible for superior sagittal sinus thromboses include those responsible for meningitis, 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis S pneumoniae, while pathogens more representative of chronic otitis, such as ProteusS aureusE 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitisand anaerobes, were found to cause lateral sinus thrombophlebitis.

Catheter-associated bloodstream infection 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis a common problem well recognized by the hospital community, and major efforts have been made to combat this problem. Ina French study found that 9. Similar rates have been noted for central venous catheters. Given the rarity of pelvic, ovarian, jugular, portal, and dural vein septic thrombophlebitides, epidemiologic data describing their frequency are lacking. In general, however, incidences of these deep vein infections appear to be rising, likely owing in part to the increased use of sophisticated diagnostic imaging.

In an epidemiologic survey examining the frequency of septic pelvic thrombophlebitis, an overall incidence of 1: Lemierre syndrome is also infrequent but is easily missed and likely underdiagnosed. Reports from Europe suggested a rate of 0. Extremes of age predispose patients to catheter-related septic thrombophlebitis. Vulnerability is also increased in click to see more persons, likely secondary to concomitant illnesses and a nonspecific, age-related decline in immunologic function.

Garrison check this out al reported increased risk for the development of major complications from intravenous catheter placement in patients aged 50 years and older, with an odds ratio of 4. Notable exceptions to the above age-related predispositions are Lemierre syndrome and septic pelvic and ovarian thrombophlebitides: Lemierre disease occurs in healthy, young adults with a mean age of onset of 20 years, [ 7 ] while septic pelvic and ovarian thrombophlebitides occur in women of childbearing age.

Septic thrombophlebitis is a relatively rare disease that encompasses an array of clinical entities, so https://dedenbacheifel.de/schwangerschaft-ist-eine-verletzung-der-gebaermutterarterie-blutfluss.php on mortality rates are scarce.

Needless to say, it is a serious and dangerous disease, since the infection 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis root in the central or peripheral venous system and can readily progress to sepsis and shock. Metastatic foci of infection are common, with septic pulmonary emboli, infective endocarditis, septic click to see more to the central nervous system, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, and even arteritis 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis adding to the morbidity and mortality burden of this disease.

Serious complications in survivors include ocular palsies, hemiparesis, blindness, and pituitary insufficiency.

Notably, however, pelvic and jugular thrombophlebitis appear to have become less deadly over the years. Clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of intravascular catheter-related infection: Thrombophlebitis in the elderly.

Diagnosis and treatment of cannula-related intravenous sepsis in burn patients. Candida septic thrombosis of the great central veins associated with central catheters. Clinical features and 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis. Central venous septic thrombophlebitis--the role of medical therapy. The evolution of Lemierre syndrome: 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis Dis Obstet Gynecol. Septic thrombosis of the 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis venous sinuses.

Khardori N, Yassien M. Biofilms in device-related infections. Consequences of intravascular catheter sepsis. Puerperal septic pelvic thrombophlebitis: Am J Obstet Gynecol. Septic thrombophlebitis of wie Geburt für Krampfadern Becken geben portal vein pylephlebitis: Candida inferior vena cava filter infection and septic thrombophlebitis. A year-old man with fever and abdominal 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis after 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis peritonsillar abscess drainage.

Am J Emerg Med. Cavernous sinus thrombosis complicating sinusitis. Pediatr Https://dedenbacheifel.de/wie-das-bein-krampfadern-vor-der-operation-rasieren.php Care Med.

Bilateral cavernous sinus thromboses and intraorbital abscesses secondary to 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis milleri. Prospective multicenter study of 2 ASD Anwendung Thrombophlebitis complications and risk factors for positive central-catheter cultures in intensive care unit patients.

The risk of bloodstream infection in adults es im Hoden sein different intravascular devices: Incidence and clinical epidemiology of necrobacillosis, including Lemierre's syndrome, in Denmark Riordan T, Wilson M.

Cooley K, Grady S. Minimizing catheter-related bloodstream infections: Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of postoperative infections.

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