A small favor

a small favor

A Small Favor: Zeebarf, the author of Reemus and The Visitor, brings us a fully- explored sci-fi world in classic point-and-click adventure game. This is a video of me, Tasselfoot, beating Zeebarf's game A Small Favor. I completed the main game plus all. A Small Favor - A nameless assassin takes on a mission to eliminate a prominent Senator in a distant alien galaxy, in a world where cash is out and bartering is. Dresden is abandoned on the island, hunted by the Denarians and their mercenaries, and is eventually cornered by the Eldest Jackpot.de. After talking to the worm, continue to go left until you arrive in the transit station. Download Google Coral co app Download Mozilla Firefox Download Microsoft Edge Download Apple Safari No Thanks. Out of Office Badge 15 points -awarded Assassinate the senator Goal Checklist: Head back to the worm to get a key from him, then go to the scavenger in a box to the right and give him the green vial.


A Small Favor Walkthrough (All Favors, Middle Locker Code, Blind Ambition) a small favor


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