What do afk mean

what do afk mean

AFK is used in live chatting to advise people that you will not be responding for the few minutes as you will be away from the computer. AFK is. [ Content Deleted ]\n\n Visit this place at dedenbacheifel.de Hangout-place?id=. I have heard my friend talk about being AFK on a Minecraft server, but AFK is an acronym for "away from keyboard". It's commonly used in.


Roblox What Does AFK Mean? What Does AFK Mean In Roblox 2017 Explanation what do afk mean

What do afk mean - High

AFK is commonly used with a descriptor like "afk bio" you are going to the washroom , or "afk phone" you are answering a phone call. The Urban Dictionary Mug One side has the word, one side has the definition. French reverse slang from l'anvers. From First To Last band. Sign up or log in to customize your list.


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